Our Story

Evolve180™ is not just about effective weight loss.

We’re about lasting transformations, service with heart, and science-based solutions.

And yeah, we’re all about doing things differently.

Why? Because the way things are usually done wasn’t working for us, so we wanted to do it better for you.

But that’s not the end…

Sherene became one of the most well-known, respected, and beloved coaches in the Ideal Protein network. Yet she still struggled to maintain the weight she lost on the protocol.

So she began to shift how she did things. Because she is on the extreme end of carb-intolerance, she needs a stricter level of carb control.

She created her own Maintenance Program, which helped her to stabilize her weight.

When she shared her Maintenance Program with clients, it made maintaining easier for them, too! Dramatically.

But in the meantime, she’d put significant weight back on. And when she went back on the Ideal protocol to fix that, she struggled in ways she hadn’t the first time around.  Wondering why, she determined that over the prior 5+ years, Ideal Protein had changed. Different foods. Different proteins. Different sweeteners.

It was clear that while Ideal Protein continued to work for many people, it no longer worked for her because of her hyper-sensitivity. On top of that, she knew that many of the cutting edge weight loss techniques she’d discovered – such as Intermittent Fasting – wouldn’t be allowed.

It became clear that it was time to come up with her own approach for a cleaner and more flexible journey… And as always, she wanted to share it with others who struggled like she did.

And that was just the beginning…

…and so began a new weight loss approach and a better weight loss experience at our flagship studio in Bellevue, WA.

Drawing inspiration from cutting edge nutritional innovators, including Dr. Jason Fung, Dave Asprey, Mark Sisson, Mark Hyman, Diane Kress and many others, the experts at Evolve180 have woven together a truly unique way to lose weight and keep it off for good!

Evolve180 Weight Loss

Our Team

Evolve180 Weight Loss has assembled an amazing team of Consultants and Specialists.  All of our staff come with tons of ‘street cred’ to provide wrap-around support for your customized journey.  They’ve all been hand-selected and personally trained by Sherene and Tracey to deliver service the same way they do —with humor, heart, and deep understanding.

Are you ready for transformative, sustainable results?
Come share your journey with a team that gets it.