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Are Vibration Plate Machines safe?
Yes. They are safe for anybody who wants to improve their fitness and health. You can be overweight, have chronic pain, stiffness, or even be recovering from an injury, and still get benefits from a Vibration Plate Machine.
Are Vibration Plate Machines low impact?
Yes. With resistance training there are basically two ways to increase your results. One way is to lift increasingly heavier weights. This approach can be too demanding for some people. The other form of resistance training is repetitions. Vibration plates use the second approach.  Vertical vibrations cause your muscles to involuntarily contract and release. This is a reflexive, “knee-jerk” response. This rapid repetition builds muscle tone in a safe, low-impact manner.
How often & how long should I use the machine?
It is important that you not use it longer than 20 minutes in any one session. The reason is that you will stimulate a lot of lymphatic drainage. All the toxins that are being released in you body will make you feel a little dizzy.
Are there any long-term negative effects of vibration training?
The effects of vibration training have been researched for many years. Under proper supervision, no negative effects have been found. The responsible and safe use of the machine will ensure your positive results.